3 benefits of Boardgent Local OS Manager

We manage the local administrator password of the operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux) preventing that the IT support area or external users have unrestricted access to the business information.

3 benefits of Boardgent Local OS Manager

Boardgent allows you to manage the local passwords for Windows, Mac and Linux, preventing the support area or external users from having unrestricted access to company information, in addition to helping you accelerate your company's computer security projects.

Why is it important?

Local administration users are one of the links in the IT security chain, which is why companies are forced to maintain them, even if they don't have tools to manage them properly. In some cases, they are the only mechanism to support certain technologies such as those that work at the BIOS or processor level, and in others, they are the last measure to access a computer when it loses connectivity with centralized authentication directories. These users reside independently on each machine. For example, the Windows user is on the SAM file on the hard drive, the BIOS on the motherboard, and the Intel vPro on a chip near the processor.

Proper management of local administrator keys prevents side attacks and virus spread.

How do we help you fight this problem?

Periodically and automatically change the local administrator password of the operating system (Windows, Mac and Linux) to prevent a virus from spreading throughout the network in the event that it infects one of the company's computers.

It prevents the support area or external consultants from having unlimited control over the company's information.

Let's go into detail!

3 Benefits of managing your local passwords with Boardgent

1.Monitoring and Alerts

Identifies if the software installed on your computers complies with the policies defined by the organization and if the hardware has presented unauthorized configurations or modifications of components.

2. Software installation, updates and maintenance

Prevent information leaks on your company's computers by automatically updating the operating system and security tools such as antivirus.

3. Incident detection, response and remediation

Identifies the people who entered each system and at what time. We record the actions or configurations carried out and the use of passwords on the equipment, to identify who accessed what and when.

Protect the information of your company, your computers and information in case of theft lost

Data on a lost or stolen computer is vulnerable to unauthorized access, either by running a software attack tool against it or by transferring the computer's hard drive to another computer.

Boardgent allows you to lock your computers remotely through BitLocke, this allows companies to always have control over their computers, to learn more about this visit our blog Boardgent BitLocker Hard Drive Encryption

You are getting closer to increasing the security of your computers and preventing information leaks.

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