We renewed our brand before Vtul now Boardgent

Your IT department. The best ally to manage your devices.

Your IT department.

The best ally to manage your devices.

Our new brand

We are happy to announce that Boardgent is our new brand.

Now, we offer more than a tool to do remote desktop. In addition to the features we already developed in Vtul, we bring a more robust solution for companies. Our main goal is to guarantee our customers have their computers always secured and updated. Boardgent does all the routine tasks of a traditional IT area to help them focus on their core business. In other words, Boardgent is an IT department as a service.

The organizations can determine how they want their devices to be managed according to each business unit's needs and receive monthly reports regarding their IT assets state. Also, new services have come on board to Boardgent's offer, such as management of local passwords (including the ones of the board, BIOS, and UEFI) and digital email signatures.

Like Vtul previously, the new brand is focused on bringing innovative, accessible, and secure solutions to the market to help companies be more efficient and competitive, regardless of their size. We built Boardgent on the values of reliability, integrity, and availability as the cornerstone of our strategic and operational approach.

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