Your company connected to a smart world with Intel® vPro

Businesses with Intel® vPro computers enjoy highly stable, secure, and efficient technology.

Your company connected to a smart world with Intel® vPro

Businesses with Intel® vPro computers enjoy highly stable, secure, and efficient technology. These configurations allow companies to reduce their costs of use, management, maintenance, and security of computers and positively impact employee productivity. They have a long battery life, provide protection at the hardware level, allow them to be managed remotely, and their performance is superior to others on the market.

Today, organizations can enjoy these benefits in multiple systems, such as digital signage devices, interactive workstations, industrial equipment, and collaboration solutions.

Getting the most out of vPro devices requires the activation of Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT), enabling the capabilities to manage devices even when they are out-of-band remotely.

What is Intel® vPro AMT?

Intel® vPro AMT is the technology that enables remote out-of-band (OOB) management of computer systems by authorized IT administrators in an organization. Once this technology is activated, PCs can be managed and repaired remotely, even when turned off or their operating system is down. Its functionalities are mainly demanded by companies with employees working remotely, machines with difficult access, or dangerous environments.

Find in Boardgent the possibility of provisioning your vPro equipment with AMT technology to receive all its benefits from the cloud without the need to incur additional infrastructure costs.

Why do companies need solutions compatible with Out-of-Band administration?

Today, companies are facing new challenges, as much of the world's workforce is working remotely. The main obstacles they present to the productivity of their employees are related to the performance of their devices, possible cyberattacks, and connections to unstable networks.

This solution guarantees the optimal operation of the organization's IT systems as it doesn't depend on the status of the devices or the network to which they are connected. This timely assistance directly reduces costs related to on-site technical support, workforce downtime, and company information leaks.

‍Benefits of out-of-band management

  • Access and timely management: IT system administrators can support users regardless of their network or operating system conditions. Among the most recurrent tasks are installing applications, configuring devices, updating security tools, and reinstalling the Operating System.
  • Lower costs to manage devices: Companies with devices located in different places reduce operating costs related to IT staff travel and overtime.
  • More significant security barriers: Through out-of-band management, devices can be geolocated even when they are turned off or disconnected from a network, allowing timely action in the event of loss or theft.

Find in Boardgent an easy and secure tool to manage and geolocate equipment in an out-of-band scenario.‍